Going Back to Your Roots

  • Hey Everyone! We had planned to have a nice, large upload tonight! Unfortunately, we had large deliveries late in the week. And on Friday we had freezing rain, which made it difficult for us to get the photos we needed in time for the upload tonight. I anticipate we'll have about 75 tomorrow even... View Post
  • Request Site

    It's finally here! Tomorrow we are opening our long awaited Request site!!! Grand Opening will be Black Friday, 5:00 PM, Eastern. . A couple of ground rules… We have preloaded about 350 hand-selected plants onto this site for its initial debut. We will reload with more in the future, but we want ... View Post
  • Autumn 2021

    Happy Autumn and Thanksgiving! We usually do a blog post at the beginning of every season to let you guys know what we have been up to. We sold our home in Atlanta and have moved down to a southern, coastal area of Alabama. It's gorgeous here! We get some of the most amazing sunsets and the old o... View Post