Going Back to Your Roots

  • We are reaching the end of our spring succulent season and that’s always a particularly busy time for us, so I thought I would check in with you all! We are officially transitioning into our summer season now and since the heart of our business involves a living product we need to make some sligh... View Post
  • Alright everyone, we’re getting close. Last weekend we painted and set up our new warehouse space, it’s really nice and we’re super excited about it. We’ve got about 48 different pots that we’re working to get on the site, new colors and designs. Also some new water props. We’ve been bagging and ... View Post
  • We’re trying out something new at CCF,  storing our stock in colder temperatures. We’re doing this in an effort to keep our plants as clean as possible (in terms of pests). There’s research that suggests soft-bodied pests cannot survive long periods of cold, which is why you rarely see mealybugs ... View Post