Request Site

It's finally here! Tomorrow we are opening our long awaited Request site!!!

Grand Opening will be Black Friday, 5:00 PM, Eastern.


A couple of ground rules…

We have preloaded about 350 hand-selected plants onto this site for its initial debut. We will reload with more in the future, but we want to make sure we are comfortable with the processes that we have in place before opening up more orders. Since this is a holiday weekend and lots of folks want to try out the site please be kind and request no more than four plants for our initial weekend. This will give more people a chance to try out the site and get a feel for how it works.

Please be considerate to us as well and only request plants you have reviewed the pricing information on and are genuinely interested in purchasing. Cedar Creek Farmhouse has to pay for this inventory upfront and we only get paid back if you like what we have picked out for you. So please be mindful this is a small family business and we are doing our utmost best to connect collectors with the plants they love.


Live Chat:

Crystal Taylor (owner of Cedar Creek Farmhouse) will be available to say hi and answer any questions you may have live and in real time via the community chat from 5:00-6:00 PM, Eastern on Black Friday. After that if you have a specific question around the Request site please email us at and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

How it works…

Our Request catalog is linked to many different cultivating farms' inventory. If a cultivar is available for request we have already hand-selected beautiful plants from one of our partner farms. Once a request is placed then the farm will ship those requested plant(s) to Cedar Creek. Once it arrives we'll show it to you, and if you love it then (and only then) do you make a payment. If you don't love it there's no hard feelings or obligation to purchase. This is not a presale model, no money is required upfront. You only pay if you love what we have sourced on your behalf.

We will match new farm inventory to this site every day. There may be times when the plant you want to request isn't available for immediate request. That is because we hand-source each plant and we're pretty picky. We want to make sure we're only selecting the best of the best from our farms and the plants we sell are rare. To help alleviate this problem you are welcome to join a Waitlist for any plant shown on the Request site. There are details under the 'Availability' on every listing for how to sign up for cultivar-specific text alerts and emails.

Signing up for text alerts are easy, but please remember to only text the exact word or phrase listed in bold letters. If you text anything else, misspell anything or add spaces the system will not recognize your text and you will not be signed up for alerts. This is an automated system, if you text to say hi we don't see that. It's all automated and the keywords have to be texted exactly as shown. If you did it correctly you will receive a confirmation text back almost instantaneously (text confirmations may be slightly delayed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to carrier volume, but under normal conditions you should get a text back right away confirming your waitlist status).

Due to the demand of our products Waitlists lists will not be prioritized. Once we restock a Wishlist only plant we'll text and email the entire list and it will be first come, first serve.

We continue to add inventory to the Request Catalog daily. We will continue to add new cultivars and hybrids weekly.


Concierge Service and Custom Requests:

We will be adding a Custom Request (for extremely rare unicorns) and a Concierge Service in early March. This section will have a small fee attached to it, as these plants are tough to track down. You will only pay the fee if we are successful in obtaining a plant you love.

For our Custom Requests there will be a section just like our Special Requests. You will see photos of very special plants and you will have the ability to request those. We will email you after your Request is confirmed and we will discuss exactly what you are looking for in the plant(s) you have selected. Due to the rarity of the plants that will be listed in Custom Requests no farm inventory is tied to that section and we have to email farms and search for your request. Depending on the unicorn we will need 60-90 days to attempt to source your Custom Request.

For Concierge Service you can let us know of any plant you are looking for, the exact form you are looking for (i.e. double, triple, cluster) and it doesn't even have to be a plant from our site. We will work one on one with you to attempt to help you find your plant. We may need additional time to attempt to source your concierge plants, just depending on farm inventory and what you are requesting.

 We will no long accept direct email requests. All requests will need to be processed through the Request Site so we have an organized way to keep track of our requests.


Request Site Closures:

We will switch all of our plants that are not already in-house to Waitlist only through January and the early part of February. We do this because many farms will not ship in January due to extremely cold conditions in South Korea. We will also do the same thing when temperatures get too hot to import safely.


Black Friday Promotion:

This year we are not having a live sale. For the past three years I have pulled 80 hour weeks leading up to Thanksgiving and a 24 shift on Black Friday itself. This year we have worked very hard on preparing this Request site for you, therefore I'm spending the holiday weekend with my family.

We are having our traditional (and crazy!) 35% off sale. We want you to be able to get that discount off your plants as well. The way to do this is to Request the plants you want and then if you want the Black Friday discount you can purchase a gift card for your estimated request total (remember you only pay if the plants arrive in great condition to Cedar Creek Farmhouse, which takes about three weeks). You are able to use Cedar Creek Farmhouse gift cards on any requests made.

And we will be back next Saturday, December 4th for a live upload at 9:45 PM, Eastern!



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