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We've been on the rare succulent scene for about a month now and thought it might be time to properly introduce ourselves to those unacquainted.

So we get lots of emails every week asking what part of California we're in. I love this question, I giggle a little every time it hits my inbox. California is most definitely the succulent capital of the US, but beautiful succulents can come from anywhere if you are working with the right growers and understand the importance of how to properly stress your succulents (I'm thinking we need a blog post about this subject soon). We are not in California at all. I'm actually a Southern girl who was first introduced to succulents by my Mema (that's right, my 'mema').

I try to source succulents that aren't seen in any particular part of the US, nearly all of ours were originally imported at some point, either recently or grown here from a mother plant.

We ship to any part of the US utilizing USPS Priority Mail. Up until this point we have been sending heat packs, free of charge, with nearly every order. We feel that this cost should not be placed upon the customer, it's a cost of doing business this time of year. The weather is becoming more mild and we are going to start looking at heat packs on a case-by-case basis starting with this week's upload. You can always request a free heat pack with your order by including a request in the order notes.

We ship Monday through Thursday every week. We do not ship on Friday and Saturday to avoid having your succulents sit in a package over the weekend. You will get tracking info the day your item is mailed and you will also get an email from us the day your package is out for delivery and an email stating it has been delivered.

We love our customers and your happiness is our primary concern. We believe customer service is of the utmost importance -- nobody likes plant mail that is a letdown. Plant mail should always be fun. So, always feel free to reach out to me directly, crystal@cedarcreekfarmhouse.com I think having an open door with my customers is a crucial component to this business.

We get asked when we list a lot. We list twice a week. Monday is our presale day. Please click here to read all about how our presales work. This upload takes place in real time on Mondays at 9:00 PM, EST.

We also list on Saturdays for our in stock rare succulents that are ready to ship. The pictures are taken every Thursday and Friday before listing, so they are very recent shots of the actual plants we are selling. Sales that happen on Saturday will ship either Monday or Tuesday. These succulents are available for one-week only and then are retired to either become mother plants or part of our growing stock. We will be offering in-house grown succulents periodically as well as imports, so this stock is important for us to keep as well and once the plants have been offered the exact same plant will not be relisted.

We get emails and DMs every single day, multiple times a day asking for sneak peeks and Saturday upload times. Rest assured we do not share this info with any of our customers. It's a level playing field every single Saturday. Competition can be fierce for some of the one-of-a-kind succulents. We get it. I don't even share sneaks with my mom. It's absolutely 100 percent grab them while you can.

Listing time is something we are still struggling with. We almost want to make it the same time every Saturday, but there's something fun about the randomness of it. For now we have decided to keep our uploads random on Saturday, but you can always hit up our presales every Monday at 9:00PM, EST. This is going to be something that will happen every Monday and the time will not change.

You can get a head start on Saturday sales by signing up for our emails on the homepage. As soon as we start listing we will send an email out to our email subscribers that will let you know listings are happening. After an hour we will start advertising to our Instagram followers and on Facebook.

If you're a regular and this information is old news, thank you for supporting us! We truly value each one of our customers and hope to see you again really soon! And if you haven't shopped with us before, it's nice to meet you! If you have any questions after reading this blog post please leave a comment and it will be answered ASAP.


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    I just found you on instagram – I was amazed to see all the photos of your gorgeous and rare succulents. I am loving your blog now too. You mention a blog post on how to stress our succulents to bring out more color. I can’t wait to read that one and any and all other tips you will be sharing. I have become a succulent addict just over the last year and am having so much fun. I want to learn all I can about this interesting and lovely little beauties.

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