Alright guys, all good things must come to an end and free shipping on soil and other non-living products are a burden we can no longer shoulder. We will run promos from time to time on these products, but for now the rules are outlined below.


Combined Shipping on any Combination of the Following Items:

$12.95 Flat Rate (USPS Priority)

  • Single pots (any amount in any combination you wish)
  • Soil 2 gallons and under
  • Water propagation (eight hole size and under)
  • Gifts/Luxuries (not yet programmed, so if there's something here you've been eyeing, you can still score free shipping). 

    Flat Rate Shipping on Pot Sets:

    $12.95 per set

    Unusually shaped/Oversized Items ala carte:

    $14.50 shipping (USPS Priority)

    • 24 hole water propagation vessels
    $17.95 shipping (USPS Priority)
    • 4 gallons of Cedar Creek Farmhouse soil
    • Hand-crafted Trays


    Your shipping costs will automatically be calculated based on these rules and the items you apply to your cart. I.E. if you add 3 single pots and 2 gallons of soil your shipping total would be $12.95. If you add 3 single pots, 2 gallons of soil and a 24-hole water propagation vessel your shipping would be $27.45 (12.95 + $14.50, as the large vessel would ship separately).

    We have decided to keep free shipping on all living products, no minimums, no catch. If you win the $1 listing, your total with shipping is just $1.

    However, that said, if you order plants and non-living retail you will be charged shipping on the retail portion of your order. The exceptions to this are the checkout add-ons you see at the bottom of the checkout page and when we run free shipping promos.

    We know shipping is a bummer, but please know we ship with care. We don't include our packaging in our shipping costs, we aim to be as fair as possible, but if you see a rate that is concerning to you please contact us and we will look into if there are other options available. As a general rule we ship everything USPS Priority Mail. We find this service to be fast and easy and insurance and tracking are always included.

    We offer an eclectic array of products, some of which are tricky and heavy to ship. We will look into UPS options as we continue to grow and hopefully we can drive these costs down a bit. For the time-being these are our shipping rates moving forward. Please make sure you sign up for emails and texts if you would like to be notified of free shipping promos, we promise to keep it interesting :)

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