• 3.5" Pot- Daisies Are The Friendliest Flower

3.5" Pot- Daisies Are The Friendliest Flower

These ceramic pots include drainage and the saucers are detachable (an easy, color-coded way to start your leaf props of the mother plant)! In Stock, boxed up and ready to ship out.  

These pots are 3.5" tall and 3.5" across with a detachable saucer, specifically sized for succulents. For this pot name I took a line from my favorite scene in my favorite movie, can you guess what is? I'm not telling, that would just show my age. This is one my favorite pots that we have. The detailing on this pot looks like daisies and it's a nice flat black with chalk paint accents. The detailing is stamped into the bisque, so the pot is textured to the hand. Absolutely gorgeous with our black pumice top dressing.. And if you can guess the name of the movie I'll throw in a pumice sample, just add the pumice sample to your cart and the name of the movie as the coupon code (all run together, all caps).  

We do charge shipping for our pots, unless we are running a special Free Shipping promo (sometimes we do this on Thursday's Lunch Break). We charge a flat rate for our pots of $12.95, but you may order as many as you wish in a single order under that flat shipping rate. 

**We finally took in-house photos of these pots and gave them a Cedar Creek Farmhouse worthy color name-- I can't have boring pot names, you guys know me better than that! All of our in-stock pots have been previously boxed with their old names on the barcodes, so we are running these on promo this week to get rid of our boxed stock with the old name, rather than reboxing everything :) So you will get a box with the old sku on it, same pot though.