• 3.5" Pot- Garden Gates
  • 3.5" Pot- Garden Gates
  • 3.5" Pot- Garden Gates

3.5" Pot- Garden Gates

These ceramic pots include drainage and the saucers are detachable (an easy, color-coded way to start your leaf props of the mother plant)! In Stock, boxed up and ready to ship out.  

These pots are 3.5" tall and 3.5" across with a detachable saucer, specifically sized for succulents. Garden Gates is a matte black concrete with a heavy helping of white chalk paint brushed over it. The pattern is reminiscent of a wrought iron gate that leads into a secret garden full of mystery and wonder. These black pots look so pretty with our black pumice top dressing. One trial size bag is enough to top 3-4 of these pots.  

This listing is for the pot only, no plant is included with the purchase of the planter. 

We do charge shipping for our pots, unless we are running a special Free Shipping promo (sometimes we do this on Thursday's Lunch Break). We charge a flat rate for our pots of $12.95, but you may order as many as you wish in a single order under that flat shipping rate.