• Amethyst, Pyrite
  • Amethyst, Pyrite
  • Amethyst, Pyrite

Amethyst, Pyrite

Our of the Earth Category will be updated at the start of every month. This mineral was added in November 2019.

This is probably my favorite of this month's upload. We only got two and I had to keep one, it was just too unique in person. This is a vividly colored piece of amethyst and it is absolutely heavily glittered in pyrite. The color you're seeing here is with light shining through it, on a desk or a shelf it's going to appear darker to the naked eye, but if you hold it up to sunlight it is as vivid as the photos here. Hoping to bring more of these in next month if we can get them.

This is a small piece, only about 1.25" across her widest point and weighs 10 grams.

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Sorry, currently out of stock

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