• Indoor Smart Greenhouse, Brass
  • Indoor Smart Greenhouse, Brass

Indoor Smart Greenhouse, Brass

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This is item will be available for shipping on March 15th, 2023. It is available for preorder now and will ship separately from you order as soon as it is available.  

This beautiful mini greenhouse is a quick and easy to way to keep your most valuable succulents safe and sound. This greenhouse features a beautiful (and sturdy) brass frame. This innovative greenhouse can sit on a table top or mount to the wall. Best of all-- this greenhouse is smartphone compatible and it connects seamlessly to Modern Sprout's app for easy and customized programming!

92 CRI rated full-spectrum LEDs produce a museum-quality lighting, meaning the color perceived by the human eye is true to the plant and not altered by the LED. Eco-friendly LEDs use minimal power and have a long life span. They’re rated for 25,000 hours of usage depending on timer settings. LEDs emit little to no heat and have a conformal coating for water resistance and durability.

  16.5” x 5.5” brass frame 

⋅  4000K Natural White Light

⋅  1480 Lumens

⋅  Eco-friendly, Low Power

⋅  6.5' power cord

  Assembled in the USA

⋅  Easily create a daily a on/off schedule via the Mod Sprout app

(greenhouse does not have drainage)