• Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea
  • Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea
  • Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea
  • Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea

Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea

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It is said that the wildest strawberries grow in Nordic meadows and forests-- and don't be misled, the Strawberry leaves are just as important as the berries themselves! Each leaf in this tea is selected and picked by hand for this special summer tea


This herbal tea is packed full of vitamins. You may find this tea

-helps to regulate metabolism 

-has anti-inflammatory properties 

-is a diuretic

-helps eliminate excess salt from the body


Instructions: Put 1 tsp of Wild Strawberry Tea in a cup and add nearly boiled water. Let it stay for 5 minutes. Add honey when it's warm, if desired.


Package contains: 15 grams of loose leaf tea. 

Each PLŪKT tea is hand-picked in wild Nordic meadows and forests and are then dried naturally by the sun and wind. Organic and vegan. EU organically certified. Product packaging and instructions are in English. Imported from Latvia.


 *These claims have not be evaluated by the FDA. These teas have been used and enjoyed in Nordic cultures for hundreds of years, but there are only limited studies available on many of these herbs. If you have health problems please consult your doctor before using. These teas are not meant to cure or treat any conditions. 

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