• Custom Request - Eric Wang (E. Ebony Sp.)
  • Custom Request - Eric Wang (E. Ebony Sp.)
  • Custom Request - Eric Wang (E. Ebony Sp.)

Custom Request - Eric Wang (E. Ebony Sp.)

Hello Eric! 

I know you were looking for a charcoal ebony. I went back and searched our order history with our growers and the grower for that particular one is out of stock at the moment. The grower that sold us the one pictured here with the white background does have these in stock. The one with the white background has already been sold, you can see the listing here. But, the one pictured should come in looking nearly identical to the one we sold (like I mentioned it's the same grower and the one we sold looked like this in his photos). These are fairly decent sized. it should measure about 3" across.  No pressure if this is not what you're looking for, but I wanted you to know we haven't forgotten about your request. We're still working on it. If you do like this one it's a true presale. She was just ordered today, with our Monday presales they are already in transit before the listings. So this one may take up to 10-14 business days to ship out to you. I know you have a package shipping out this weekend, I'm happy to cover the shipping cost of this one for you though. Most orders get here within a week, we use EMS, but sometimes customs likes to check our boxes. It's rare, but if they decide to pick this order it can take a little while. It will be reviewed for quality before shipping out to you no matter what though. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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