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  • Echeveria Arteusa
  • Echeveria Arteusa

Echeveria Arteusa

OK, so this is a little unicorn. We have been offering a lot of these lately, but that does not mean these aren't really special little guys.

We first offered these about this time last year, they were relatively plentiful, but what you guys have to understand is that these farms develop these crossbreeds and if they run low on stock or sell out that particular hybrid may be done for some time. We haven't seen these in a solid 11 months. I do not know when our farm will run out and these are smaller than last years.

If this cultivar interests you please do a quick search to see what she looks like at different points in the year. We have a few more that we will be listing in Random Rares after this listing, but after that we don't know when/if we'll be offered more.

What makes this hybrid so special is non-stressed center growth can go very lilac, sometimes it's green in younger rosettes. Pink and lilac make for a beautiful rosette. These are some of the plumpest leaves you'll ever see on a rosette of this shape. These are very hardy (we have never had a DOA or lost one in house). These reach in excess of 4" across. 

This rosette I specifically saved for our in-stocks, but it comes from the same farm as the Randoms I'll list later tonight. We have had requests pile up for these Arteusas all year long. I hope you guys who have waited so long have all got one now, if not please let me know.  

This Arteusa (pictured centered in the first photo) is measuring in at about 2" across, nice older root system. 



Sorry, currently out of stock

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