Echeveria Japan Moon River, (Triple)

Here's the biggie this week, guys and gals!

I have tried to research this one. This particular Echeveria just fascinates me. Why do some heads grow purple -- why do some grow reddish? Who came up with this breed? Why are variegates so common in doubles and triples? Why are some of the variegated heads Compton-ish and some pure white? Why do some heads grow leaves of not only a different color, but a different texture altogether? There's nothing to be found on the internet about this plant's origins or growing tendencies. I can tell you I was only ho-hum about Japan Moons when I first viewed photos of this variety and then I got this shipment... I immediately kept one and it's one of the most prized echeverias in my collection, definitely in my top five. It just amazes me how one stem can grow so many unique-looking heads.

This particular plant is from a grower I personally love and trust. I was ordering from him long before I was seller. He is a fantastic grower. Maybe one day I will ask him to tell me all about the elusive 'Japan Moon River.' For now I'm offering you this gorgeous triple head -- I kept the double I was planning to offer. They are just so beautiful, I just had to have one for myself! I'm going to show it in the images on this listing as well, just so my clients can see what I can get in. And I will get more in, so if you think you may want one be sure to send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook. I'm a big fan of keeping a clientele book and I reference it before every single order. If you are looking for something special just drop me a line.

I have left some leaves that are starting to dry on this triple head. They are not all the way dried out and the plant will continue to utilize these leaves as a water source until it is potted. I did not want its future owner to lose any additional leaves, so the leaves that are drying out have been left on the plant.

Obviously a purchase this large requires pictures to be taken in multiple light settings. Most of the pictures shown on my site are taken under studio lighting, which is rather harsh, but helps to keep a uniform look across the site. The last picture is shown taken outside with no filter and no edits whatsoever (I only edit photos for white balance, but I felt one photo shown in natural light was imperative on this plant). Please note there were no edits made to the last photo at all, however it was taken in partial shade and that does have an effect on the colors slightly.

You will receive the exact plant pictured. Colors can vary on monitors/devices and due to lighting conditions at the time of photography, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. Stress impacts color significantly. So, the plant you receive may change somewhat from the time these pictures were taken to when you receive it, just depending on how it travels, but it should revert back to a color similar to what is shown in the listing photo.

Each head on this succulent measures about 4" (depending on which angle you measure it from). Overall it measures about 9" across. It is about 4.5" tall. Ships bare root. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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