Echeveria ' Jemula'

This is another one that is just mind blowing to me. It features muted, chalky lavenders and is dotted in dark eggplant. The leaves are long and spikey, like an agavoides, but aren’t without a light coating of visible farina. It almost glows as it gets closer to the center of super soft purplish ivory. It photographed more mauve/pink than it looks to me in real life, it's definitely of the purple family of colors. And it has a little pup starting out on the side. It's truly a special plant.

There are two leaves with some scarring. There's no point in removing these as they will eventually grow out as the plant matures. They are documented in the pictures. I just wanted to bring this to its future owner's attention. I always like to list anything I see that might be a consideration before making a purchase. These are very small flaws though and the plant is absolutely gorgeous in person.

You will receive the exact plant pictured. Colors can vary on monitors/devices and due to lighting conditions at the time of photography, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. Stress impacts color significantly. So, the plant you receive may change somewhat from the time these pictures were taken to when you receive it, just depending on how it travels, but it should revert back to a color similar to what is shown in the listing photo.

This succulent measures about 2.5" across and stands about 1.5" tall and has one pup. Very sparse roots due to strict import requirements. Please do not fret, as these root very easily and if you would like care/info for what to do when you receive it please click here if you need rooting instructions.


Sorry, currently out of stock

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