• Echeveria Opal Moon, (Frill)
  • Echeveria Opal Moon, (Frill)

Echeveria Opal Moon, (Frill)

These photos were taken today, Saturday, October 12th, 2019.

The farm had this one labeled as a Sp Frill (meaning that it has ruffly edges), but I am 99% sure this is an Opal Moon. These tend to keep a very nice globe like formation, but the frill may indicate that she's a hybrid. She's beautiful, but you need to know that center growth is not perfect. It's a little stretchy from importation, but it should even out as that new growth matures, it shouldn't be anything that affects this plant long term. She's measuring in at 4" across. She may open, but she shouldn't. Opal Moon is a notoriously hard import, you don't see a lot of these. Some scarring on the most mature leaves, but that's not uncommon on these broad-leaf echies.

Cedar Creek Farmhouse Identification Number: 075713



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