• Echeveria Savoena
  • Echeveria Savoena
  • Echeveria Savoena

Echeveria Savoena

"Not a lot is known about this particular new cultivar. I've raised this in my private collection and it tends to shoot out offsets in a similar fashion to a prolifica, on long stems in a starburst type of arrangement, when mature it will have numerous offshoots. It's been hardy in my garden. It features a gorgeous shade of pink, that makes me think of pink poodle skirts and 1950's dance halls."


You will receive the exact plant pictured. Colors can vary on monitors/devices, but we try to represent the true color as accurately as possible. This stem features a single head (measuring 2.75") and one pup. This is a very expensive hybrid, unfortunately, as it is exceeding rare in the US. The stem supports a very sparse root system. Please click here if you need rooting instructions. 

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