• PRESALE Echeveria 'Callin'
  • PRESALE Echeveria 'Callin'
  • PRESALE Echeveria 'Callin'

PRESALE Echeveria 'Callin'

Callins have kind of taken the Cedar Creek Farmhouse family by storm, they sell before we can even get them in. I still do not even have one of these yet, lol! You guys love these and it's easy to see why. Most are pretty swirly, almost like melted ice cream. The are very strange little echies, the rosettes are very, very small and they come in on very thick, woody stems (looks like rooted, mature cuttings). I am nearly certain these are a clustering variety when mature. I can only imagine what an old cluster would look like. Anyway, this little gal will be very, very small, measuring in at just about an inch. She looks like she has one leave that she is starting to consume on the lower right-hand side. So, she may not be perfectly symmetrical when she arrives to you. I do expect these to start pupping within a few months of settling in. 

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