• PRESALE Echeveria Grouse, (Not So Random)
  • PRESALE Echeveria Grouse, (Not So Random)
  • PRESALE Echeveria Grouse, (Not So Random)

PRESALE Echeveria Grouse, (Not So Random)

Have you ever just had one of those days? Today has been one of those days! I got up at 6:00 am and started doing paperwork and customer service stuff. Still didn't get it all the way finished, looked up and it was time to do our upload prep. When I did everything that could wrong did. My dad called literally five minutes ago to boot and wanted to have a father daughter sess and there's just been no time. I haven't even eaten dinner. So... truly live tonight, as always, but might be a few minutes slower than usual. I'll work as fast as I can. I'm wide awake though, so we'll go until you guys get sleepy :) Hey! Almost forgot to mention Added some new pots to the Memorial Day specials, 50% off! Don't forget to check those out. It's over here

First up tonight is one we've only had four times. We recently imported a few of these and they lost a few mature leaves during transit, this is a thirsty cultivar. And she may lose a little color in transit as well, just based on what I saw last time with this particular one. But, I ordered her again anyway because this is one we just don't see very often. She's measuring in at about 2" across. 

Presales in this category will ship within three weeks of your order date. Colors may be a result of plant stress, so she may change colors in the warmer months.

The photos for this plant were taken in May of 2019. 



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