• PRESALE Echeveria Runyonii Cv
  • PRESALE Echeveria Runyonii Cv
  • PRESALE Echeveria Runyonii Cv

PRESALE Echeveria Runyonii Cv

Runyonii Cv can vary greatly depending on the plant and the grower. 

I'm still new to plant taxonomy and I am absolutely certain I use the terms incorrectly all the time -- you guys and gals are probably all sitting around having a good laugh at these descriptions, but I will get there eventually.

So, for all the novices out there who would be confused like I was when I compared this Runyonii to the two Runyoniis in my collection 'CV' means something very particular. I assumed 'CV' meant that the plant was just crossed with something because there is usually a secondary species listed after the CV. But, I recently learned it can also mean that it is simply a cultivar that is not necessarily acting in the way a true varietal would. Because the plant is cultivated in a way that not true to nature you can possibly see genetic mutations that are not true to type.

This Cv measures about 2" across the main head. 

Names given here are direct from the grower, I try to correct any mistakes I see, but some are hybrids and I don't always know. Pictures are provided by the grower. I know some are blurry, I apologize about that. We work with a grower that provides the exact same plant photographed. So, rest assured you are getting what is depicted.

Presales are offered with free shipping. Expect shipping in about two weeks' time. If you are unfamiliar with how our presales work please click here for our policies. 

A little note about color intensity: Please note it is very cold in South Korea still and some of the hue intensity you see here may be related to cold stress and watering schedule (thirsty plants look the brightest). Sometimes the succulents lose a little bit of this color in transit and in warmer temps. Rest assured these photos have not been enhanced, but there is a slight possibility that once the succulent arrives the hue intensity may be slightly different, but the color intensity will return with colder temps and stress.

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