Presale Echeveria Subcorymbosa

Subcorymbosa is a low-growing, carpet like succulent -- in other words it just kind of keeps growing out. You are seeing winter stress colors here, but these are pretty easy to maintain... just keep her cool in the winter to get these jewel tones that you see here. Isn't it weird how parts are pink and other parts are green and some leaves have yellow highlights -- nature never ceases to amaze me! This succulent appears bigger in my picture than she is in real life. This little clump is going to be just about 3.75" across the entire cluster. Names given here are direct from the grower, I try to correct any mistakes I see, but some are hybrids and I don't always know. Pictures are provided by the grower. I know some are blurry, I apologize about that. We work with a grower that provides the exact same plant photographed. So, rest assured you are getting what is depicted.

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