PRESALE Purpusorum, White Form (Imperfect)

This is a steal on one of these 'white forms,' but please take a good look at the grower's pics, in the last one you can see damage to one of the tips. I didn't notice it until tonight, so I wanted to make sure she was priced accordingly. She measure in at about 2.25" across. Please ignore those 'sexy' dew drops, the grower should be taking these pics dry, but she should be a stunner except for that one imperfection. 

Presales are offered with free shipping. Expect shipping in about two weeks' time (in rare circumstances presales can take up to three weeks to ship). If you are unfamiliar with how our presales work please click here for our policies. 

A little note about color intensity: Rest assured these photos have not been enhanced, but there is a slight possibility that once the succulent arrives the hue intensity may be slightly different, but the color intensity will return with colder temps and stress. All photos have been taken within the last three weeks. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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