• **SPECIAL REQUEST**- E. Lonzanii
  • **SPECIAL REQUEST**- E. Lonzanii
  • **SPECIAL REQUEST**- E. Lonzanii

**SPECIAL REQUEST**- E. Lonzanii

So, this is from the same grower as the first batch of randoms. This one had a large bloom stalk and it didn't photograph as nicely as the others because of that stalk, so I didn't include it in the original count. I don't know if the grower will cut that bloom stalk prior to shipping, but it looks like she's got another on the way. She measures in at about 2.25" across. 

This E. Lonzanii was ordered on June 24th, but the grower needs to have time to package and ship her (can take up to a week), then there's about a week of transit, and if Customs checks the box she's in it can take up to another week. So, we would feel safest quoting a three week lead time, so ETA would be: July 21st to your door (most likely a lot sooner, but we are quoting long lead times now just in case).

Sorry, currently out of stock

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