**SPECIAL REQUEST** NAOMI COLE- E. Runyonii Cv Option 1

This listing is for Naomi Cole only. If you place an order for this item your order will be cancelled unless you're Namoi. 

Hey Naomi! Runyoniis throw a lot of cv variations, so even if you see two plants that are titled 'Runyonii cv' they can look very different. The 'cv' means that it should be a true to form, purebred species reproduction, but it is not acting in the way the species should. So, the variations of these are many. The only way to get the variations to reproduce from plant to plant is via stem cuttings.

That said I thought it would be best to visit our records and order from the exact same grower with this Runyonii mutation. Fair warning his pictures are always terrible, the one you asked about also looked like this in its grower pics. But these should look nearly identical to your request in the winter. I am also going to show you three more pretty Runyonii cvs from another grower so you can see the differences that I'm referring to. Either set, or all if you want, are available to you, but they will take about three weeks to come in. 

These should measure in at about 2.25" across. 

Sorry, currently out of stock

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